MOMA’s Mission to Feed 300 Children in the Holy City of Tzefas

MOMA’s Heartfelt Appeal for 300 Young Children in the Holy City of Tzefas.

We are a small group of mothers in the Old City of Tzefas who want to save the hot meals program at Talmud Torah Magen Avot. We call ourselves “MOMA” – Mothers Of Magen Avot. Although we come from a wide range of backgrounds and traditions, we are united in our cause.

Every couple of years, we see how the school is threatened with closing because of no funds. The principal is always told the same thing: “Cut the hot meals.”

But we asked ourselves, is it really an option to stop hot meals to these children?

For almost 40 years, a tiny group of fundraisers left home to travel the world with unimaginable mesiras nefesh to collect funds for these hot meals. But now, they have simply reached the very end of their kochos. This is why we knew we had to stand up and do something, even though it seems like an impossible mission to take on ourselves.

As mothers, we cannot abandon home and family to travel around the world, so instead, with whatever talents we have, we came together to think about how to save the hot meals program in other ways. This was how “MOMA” was born.

But you don’t need to be a “mama” to know that a healthy strong child learns better—even one hot meal a day affects their future for many years to come.

For many children at Magen Avot, we know first hand that it is their only hot meal of the day…. and the truth is, for many others, it is their only meal.

We can also tell you that:

* 23% of families with children in Eretz Yisroel live in poverty!

* One third of her children live under the poverty line (a higher rate than countries like Mexico and Chile!!)

And together with this, the Holy City of Tzefas—although wealthy in ruchaniyus—remains one of the poorest cities, where many (most!) of us live from hand to mouth.

Every day, rain or shine, the school serves fresh hot meals to over 300 children at a cost of $20,000 a month. We have set our goal at $240,000 to feed these children every single day for the entire school year beginning this Elul, including bein hazmanim activities next summer. (This is just about $3 a day per child—is that a lot?)

The Torah teaches us, “The world endures only for the sake of the pure breath of tinokos shel beis rabban” (Shabbos 119b). It also says, “Who are the guarantors of the Torah’s survival? Our children” (Midrash Tanchuma, Vayigash).

Surely the Torah was speaking about children just like these, who protect our generation by learning Torah and davening every day in a city known for its holy tzaddikim and magnificent contributions to Am Yisroel!

With our eyes constantly raised to HaShem Yisborach—Source of all life and blessing—we are now dependent upon the kindness and generosity of you, our brothers and sisters around the world.

Please give generously—and consider a recurring donation for additional impact! (A recurring donation means you give a smaller amount on a monthly basis, so it adds up to much more over the long term—and you can choose for how long!).

Every donation is gratefully accepted with every blessing, and the blessings of the holy tzaddikim here in Tzefas. These blessings are eternal, and immeasurably beneficial in both worlds.

Also, please send your names to be mentioned at kevrei tzaddikim in Tzefas and Meron—Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai, the Ari HaKadosh, the Beis Yosef, the Ramak, and others who restored the soul of Klal Yisroel.


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